Von der Schwierigkeit, sich ein Bild zu machen

PTT - Persönlichkeitsstörungen: Theorie und Therapie

Von der Schwierigkeit, sich ein Bild zu machen - Die Behandlung schizoider Störungen in der psychoanaly­tischen Supervision

Novembre 2020 , Volume 24,  Numero 4 , pagine 272-293

Holler, Petra; Dazzi, Sergio


"How to get an idea. The treatment of schizoid disorders in psychoanalytic supervision"
Schizoid disorders are characterized by typical modes of mental organization and functioning that aim to maintain or (re)establish psychic homeostasis in the patient. States of confusion, a propensity for symbiotic transference, psychic retreat and the fear of mental collapse can define large parts of the therapeutic process.
Analytic supervision plays an important role in the therapist evolving strategies such as analytic rêverie, containment, and a thorough countertransference analysis in order to ensure that a genuine analytic process unfolds. Using different vignettes, we discuss the above-mentioned schizoid mental modes of regulation and their interaction with the therapeutic process from the viewpoint of supervision.
Autore dell'immagine: Sharon McCutcheon
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